Credit Card Debt Relief

Fight Back Against Credit Card Debt
Buffalo, NY

Once credit card debt has piled high enough, it can be very difficult (and sometimes seemingly impossible) to get back out from underneath it.

At The Law Office of Wendy J. Christophersen we understand the emotional toll that financial stress can cause on your life, and we want to help you remove that debt cloud from over your head. We work closely with you through the process, keep you informed on progress, and will always fight for your best interests.

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Why Choose Wendy J. Christophersen

Wendy J Christophersen has over 15 years of experience providing debt relief and consolidation services to clients in the Buffalo, NY area. She has worked on hundreds of bankruptcy and debt cases, and always works to get her clients the best result possible. If you are faced with mountains of credit card debt, call today for a free consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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